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Sons of Seasons

Sons of Seasons was formed by Oliver Palotai in January 2007 to create for himself an outlet for his many skills as musician, composer, and producer. Up to this point, he had always joined previously existing bands (Doro, Kamelot…), but this was about to change.

In January 2007, Oliver, along with Daniel Schild, and Luca Princiotta, was still a member of Blaze, featuring the former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley. Yet as a result of myriad disagreements with the band’s new management, the entire line-up opted to part ways with Blaze.

It was the perfect opportunity for Oliver to become self-sufficient by starting his own band—a sort of musical playground without limitations. Based on his previous experiences, he knew that the perfect line-up had to not only consist of great musicians, but also of personalities able to work as a team for years to come without the problems associated with oversized egos. So, he enlisted Luca and Daniel in the spring of 2007. Bassist Jurgen Steinmetz joined that summer.

Also around the summer of 2007, the band’s first vocalist, Tijs Vanneste, was found. Although Tijs proved to be a great musician the band’s future touring plans didn’t quite fit the tight working schedule at Tijs’ job. Nevertheless, some of the songs on the debut album are inspired in part by his ideas.

Oliver met Henning Basse (Metalium), the new and final vocalist, during a tour in Japan. Amazed by the singer’s outstanding live performance, Oliver contacted Henning in late 2007 to play him the new songs. Henning immediately saw common musical ground and started adding his ideas to the material for the first album.

The biggest challenge for Oliver during the initial songwriting process was to bring together his passion for metal, jazz and classical music. Surprisingly, it was easier than he thought it would be. At quite an early stage, it became very apparent how Sons of Seasons would sound.

(2009) Gods of Vermin

01. The Place Where I Hide

02. Gods of Vermin

03. A Blind Man's Resolution

04. Fallen Family

05. The Piper

06. Wheel of Guilt

07. Belial's Tower

08. Fall of Byzanz

09. Wintersmith

10. Dead Man's Shadows

11. Sanatorim Song

12. Third Moon Rising

13. Melanchorium [Digipack Bonus Track]

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