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Cacumen was a hard rock band from Germany formed in 1972. In 1986, Cacumen got signed to BMG/RCA, and, opting for a more commercial direction, changed its name to Bonfire.

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Down To Hell (1984)

01 Longing For You
02 Woman
03 Down To Hell
04 The Day Before
05 No More
06 I Still Need You
07 Starey Eyes
08 Night To Rock
09 It Must Be You (Live Bootleg)
10 I'm Gonna Make it (Live Bootleg)

Bad Widow is the second album by the hard rock band Cacumen. It was released in 1983 on the independent label Boom Records.

Bad Widow (1983)

01 Ain't Got No Woman
02 Bad Widow
03 Games Of Loneliness
04 Broken Man
05 Too Old To Rock
06 You Are My Destiny
07 Tonight
08 Strong Desire
09 I'm Gonna Make It Someday
10 Rescue Me
11 One Night Lover
12 Bad Widow (Live In Berlin 1983)

Cacumen is the first full length album by the hard rock band Cacumen. It was released in 1981 on the independent label Rockport Records. The album came out after their single, Riding Away, was released two years prior and features a new version of that song.

Cacumen (1981)

01 Berlin Girls
02 Queen Of The Town
03 No Reason To Fight
04 Long Way
05 You Are Near
06 Magic Spell
07 Lovesong
08 Riding Away
09 On The Rocks
10 Riding Away ('79 Single)
11 Wintertale
12 On the Rocks (Demo)


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