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Charade was a hard rock band from Germany.

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II is the second album by the group known as Charade. It was released in 2004 by Drakkar Records and BMG International. The album was recorded over a period of six years due to when Michael Bormann was available to record, Angel Schleifer was busy. Then it was vise versa until finally the duo managed to find time to finish the product. One track, Somebody's Waiting, was left over from the original recordings made in 1993.

II (2004)

01 In The End
02 Like The Way It Is
03 Dangerous Child
04 American Mama
05 Everyday And Everytime
06 Fatal Destiny
07 When It Was Just Me And You
08 Somebody's Waiting
09 Call Of The Wild
10 Perfect Yesterday
11 Why Did You Take My Pride3

Charade is the first album by the group known as Charade. It was released in 1998 by Bareknuckle. The album was originally recorded in 1993 by the group when they were known as Bonfire. When Claus Lessmann left the band, Michael Bormann joined and recorded this album. It was shelved by the band's record company and the group went their separate ways. After Claus Lessmann and Hans Ziller purchased the rights to the name of Bonfire and music from 1986 - 1991, Michael Bormann and Angel Schleifer decided to give the previously shelved album a chance. It was picked up by a Japanese record company and under a new name it was released. Joerg Deisinger and Edgar Patrik provide the bass and drums to the album but declined to be included in the line-up. This album has become a hot item for Bonfire fans, especially since in 2004 it was re-released with Charade's second album. In addition to the music, there is a file encoded on the disc that brings up Avex Incorporated's web site.

Charade (1998)

01 Call My Name
02 You're My Home
03 Heart To Heart
04 Angel In Hell
05 Whisper In The Wind
06 Caroline
07 Waitin' For Love
08 Love Will Open The Door
09 Bad Boys
10 Heaven


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