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Firewind - Singles / Nocturnal Symphony (Demo) (1998) / Allegiance (2006) / Bonus Tracks

Live Premonition (2008)

"Mercenary Man" is the third track off Greek power metal band Firewind's fifth studio album The Premonition. It was first released for streaming off Firewind's official myspace page on February 2, 2008 but only physically released as a single to Greece on February 25, 2008. The song was also released on several models of Walkman in 2008.

* (2008) Mercenary Man (Single)

01 Mercenary Man
02 My Loneliness
03 Spirits In A Digital World
04 Mercenary Man (Acoustic Version)

"Breaking the Silence" is the fifth track off Greek power metal band Firewind's fourth studio album Allegiance. It was released as a single to the market of Greece on July 2, 2007. Tara Teresa's vocal performance on the song has been described as "more characteristic of gothic metal and gothic rock than power metal" and compared that of Evanescence's Amy Lee.

* (2007) Breaking The Silence (Single)

01 Breaking The Silence (Feat. Tara Teresa)
02 Healing Tool
03 Till The End Of Time (Live)

Allegiance is the fourth full-length studio album by Firewind, first released on July 10, 2006. Vocalist Chity Somapala was replaced by Apollo Papathanasio and Stian L. Kristoffersen made way for Mark Cross on drums ending the previous tradition of changing line-up between albums. It was recorded at JM Studio, Mölnlycke, Sweden in February 2006, mixed by Fredrik Nordström with Patrik J. Sten in Studio Fredman, Göteborg, Sweden, March 2006 then mastered by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid productions in Stockholm.

* (2006) Allegiance

01 Allegiance
02 Insanity
03 Falling to Pieces
04 Ready to Strike
05 Breaking the Silence
06 Deliverance
07 Till the End of Time
08 Dreamchaser
09 Before the Storm
10 The Essence
11 Where Do We Go From Here?

"Falling to Pieces" was the first single by Greek power metal band Firewind, released on 13 June 2006 through Century Media Records. The music video was directed by Patric Ullaeus and the song peaked at #11 in the Greek Singles Chart.

* (2006) Falling to Pieces (Single)

01 Falling to Pieces
02 Teenage Idol (Blackfoot Cover)
03Demon Nights

Nocturnal Symphony was the demo album that Gus G. recorded with his friends as a showcase for his talents to attract a record deal under the pseudonym of Firewind. However Firewind wasn't formed as a band until after Gus had toured and recorded with Dream Evil, Nightrage and Mystic Prophecy almost four years later.

* (1998) Nocturnal Symphony (Demo)

01 Intro
02 Down
03 I'm Not Kind
04 Promised Land
05 Inside
06 Beneath the Eclipsed Moon
07 Lost Dream
08 Distant Thoughts
09 Speed of Terror
10 Nocturnal Symphony

* (0000) Bonus Tracks

End of an Era (Between Heaven and Hell)
Still the Winds (Burning Earth)
I Confide (Forged by Fire)
Healing Tool (Allegiance)
Demon Nights (Allegiance)
Ride to the Rainbow's End (The Premonition)


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