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Hardline is a band created by brothers Johnny Gioeli and Joey Gioeli, who had previously played in the bands Killerhit and Brunette (which at one point was the top-drawing band in Hollywood, setting the all-time attendance record at Gazzarri's), later played in the band Gravity, and have since returned to Hardline. The band originally also included guitarist Neal Schon of Journey and Bad English, bassist Todd Jensen (ex-Sequel), and drummer Deen Castronovo. The group was marketed as something of a glam metal band, due to the Gioelli brothers having long hair and dressing in a glam metal style, but their sound had as much in common with hard rock and AOR.

Escute uma música deles aqui.

External Links:

* Live at the Gods (2003)

01 Intro
02 Hot Cherie
03 Life's A Bitch
04 Everything
05 Face the Night
06 Takin' Me Down
07 Weight
08 In The Hands Of Time
09 Only a Night
10 I'll Be There
11 Drum Solo
12 Rhythm From A Red Car
13 Keyboards Solo
14 Dr Love
15 Hypnotized (Studio Track)
16 Only A Night (Studio Track)
17 Mercy (Studio Track)

* II (2002)

01 Hold Me Down
02 Y
03 Paralyzed
04 Face The Night
05 Do Or Die
06 Hey Girl
07 Only A Night
08 Your Eyes
09 Weight
10 Way It Is, Way It Goes
11 This Gift

* Double Eclipse (1992)

01 Life's a Bitch
02 Dr. Love
03 Rhythm from a Red Car
04 Change of Heart
05 Everything
06 Takin' Me Down
07 Hot Cherie
08 Bad Taste
09 Can't Find My Way
10 I'll Be There
11 31-91
12 In the Hands of Time
13 Love Leads the Way


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